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The Mill Blackbird uses practical effects and incredible technology to be any car in the world.


Thanks to the Blackbird, automotive content will never be the same.

The Blackbird can adjust its length and width, and tune its electric motors to mimic the driving characteristics of any car.


"Back in the All or Nothing days, the Vanishing Point days, the Dirty Larry Crazy Mary days, the White Line Fever days, real cars smashed into real cars with real dumb people driving them."

Click above for high-res image gallery of the 2010 Ford Mustang GT

I had a pretty good day yesterday writing about green car stuff here on AutoblogGreen. But I didn't have quite the impact on the environment that Bill Clinton did yesterday. I mentioned his new Mariner hybrid, which is being featured at the 2006 Clinton Global Initiative (CGI), but the event is about much more than Bill's new car. I mean, look at these numbers from the Initiative's first day: 107 commitments (worth over $2 billion) to positively affect the world from groups around the world. Tha

Former President Bill Clinton may want America's children to slim down, but he's still in favor of big SUVs. Luckily, Clinton's currently favorite is the Mercury Mariner Hybrid "Presidential Edition", which is the "Official Hybrid Vehicle" of the 2006 Clinton Global Initiative (CGI). The CGI opens today and the Presidential Edition" is the first hybrid vehicle to be outfitted for presidential service.