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Faraday Future will have 'highest energy density' with LG Chem battery

Partnership announcement shows Faraday getting more and more serious.

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When Faraday Future came out of stealth mode about a year ago, it was cagey about a lot of details of its plan to unleash a new electric vehicle upon the masses. Since then, we're seen the outlandish FFZERO1 concept car, spotted a production prototype, and learned a bit about one of the company's designers. The company is now ready to get granular with the information it is releasing, announcing today that it has signed a partnership deal with LG Chem to make lithium-ion batteries for its Faraday's VPA platform.

LG Chem already supplies cells and batteries for General Motors, Tesla, and Audi, so the addition of another car company to its roster is not a huge surprise. As you can see in the Tweet that Faraday posted today, there are cylindrical cells pictured. Whether this means that Faraday Future's battery will use those kinds of cells (like Tesla does) as opposed to the flat cells that other OEMs go for is unclear. What Faraday is saying is that the deal will result in, "the world's highest energy density for a production automotive battery." VPA is a "universal and scalable modular battery structure" that Faraday says will be used across its upcoming portfolio of vehicles. The details on that, well, are not quite available yet. For now, we'll just have to put together the pieces of what we know so far ourselves.

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