Forget LCD displays, the Lexus UX concept has hologram orbs

Two weeks ago, Lexus revealed the UX concept for the Paris Motor Show. The company only showed one photo of the exterior, but did give a generic description of the interior, saying it would have "imaginative technologies for an immersive driver experience." Now we know what that means: holograms!

Yes, Lexus has done about the only thing that can impress in this world of high-resolution automotive displays – it brought instruments and infotainment into the third dimension. In the process it has somewhat reimagined the way occupants interact with the car as well. We're guessing the name UX, which stands for user experience in the tech world, was intentional.

The large crystal-shaped box in the center console stands out immediately. The company says the box will display climate control and infotainment options in full 3D for the driver and passenger. The instrument cluster gets the hologram treatment as well with an orb floating in the middle and the ability to display both analog and digital information. No word on whether a small, blue Princess Leia will appear in the console asking for help.

The UX's interior has a few other nifty surprises. The windows are electrochromic, so they can be darkened as needed (similar tech is already in use on some car roofs). The passenger side of the dashboard has a large, finned sound bar that can be removed. We're not entirely sure the thinking behind that feature, but we suppose it would be nice as a stereo for a picnic or a day at the beach. To cap things off, Lexus included the concept car staples of touch-sensitive buttons and side-view mirror cameras.

As for when you'll see hologram displays in future Lexus models, we have no idea but wouldn't count on them coming anytime soon. We have a more optimistic view of the Lexus UX concept itself. With crossovers as popular as ever, we expect to see an attractive production model with these bulging fenders and a steeply raked windshield in a year or so.

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