Recharge Wrap-up: Energica Ego drag race video, GM recycles Flint Crisis water bottles

#StraighterIsGreater campaign calls for simpler bus routes.

Watch the electric Energica Ego streetbike face off against a race-spec Kawasaki and Lamborghini. First, the street-legal EV bike takes on the Pedercini Racing World Superbike Kawasaki ZX-10R. While they're about equally matched in 0-62 mph acceleration (at three seconds), the race-spec Kawasaki appears to finish first. It's a closer finish compared to the stock version of the bike. The Energica, however, leaves the Lamborghini Gallardo LP570 Super Trofeo far behind in the quarter mile. Watch the video above, and if you're hungry for more, watch the Energica Ego take on a Tesla and a Ferrari in an earlier video.

GM is recycling 2 million water bottles from the crisis in Flint, Michigan to make coats for the homeless, engine covers, and air filters. The bottles are an addition to the automaker's ongoing Do Your Part recycling program. Of the 2 million bottles being transformed into other products, a number will become engine covers for the Chevrolet Equinox V6, while others will be turned into air filters for 10 GM manufacturing facilities. The most novel and noble use, though, will be to turn the recycled plastic fleece into coats for the homeless. The coats themselves – which are made by formerly homeless women through The Empowerment Plan – transform into sleeping bags. Read more from GM.

An urban mobility organization called the Transit Center is calling for simpler bus routes to make riding more bearable. Using the hastag #StraighterIsGreater, the group has called upon citizens to share the most convoluted routes that lead to long, boring, inconvenient, and inefficient travel. The Transit Center believes smarter, simpler bus routes would improve commute times and help convince more people to use public transportation. There are certainly obstacles to streamlining routes while continuing to accommodate the most riders, though, but many people are sharing their favorite successful examples on Twitter. Read more from CityLab.

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