Energica Ego impresses in series of drag races

Takes On Tesla P85D, Ferrari 458 Italia, Others

Bring together a group of people for some technical testing of a fancy new electric sportsbike at a location with a long, straight piece of asphalt and guess what happens? Well, if the aforementioned folks arrived by various high-powered vehicles, impromptu drag racing happens. Of course!

The Energica Ego is about to become officially available in the US. The first few deliveries have already been made in Europe and the battery-powered motorcycle has just received accreditation from NHTSA, as well as EPA certification. It's still getting put through its paces in its Italian homeland, as well.

At a recent session, the bike was put up against a Tesla Model S P85D, a Ferrari 458 Italia, BMW S1000RR HP4, and a few others for a quick and dirty 0-to-60 comparison. Luckily for us, filmmaker Enza Sebastiani was on hand to record the festivities, and put together the above video, taking the time to superimpose each vehicle's pertinent horsepower, weight and official 0-to-60 figures.

*Spoiler alert. While we're sure that at least some of these vehicles could take the Ego with a bit more pavement, in the realm of legal street speeds, it's pretty clear that the motorcycle from Modena reigns supreme. Energica tells AutoblogGreen that if you want a bike from among the first North American deliveries, you'd better hurry and place an order, as the initial batch destined for our shores (sometime in Q3) is almost sold out. Priority, they say, will be given to buyers of the limited edition Ego45.

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