The US Department of Energy (DOE) is awarding Ford and Los Alamos National Laboratory a total of $6 million in funding for fuel cell advancement. The partners will use the funds to help develop cheaper fuel cells by reducing their cost of production. This would allow Ford to develop and sell fuel cell vehicles at a price more competitive with their more-polluting counterparts. Ford previously took part in a fuel cell demonstration program, employing the technology in a fleet of 30 Ford Focus test cars. Read more from the Detroit Free Press.

Massachusetts schools will use electric buses as part of the state's Vehicle-to-Grid Electric School Bus pilot program. The Massachusetts Department of Energy Resources has awarded four school districts with $350,000 grants for the purchase of electric buses with the goal of reducing fossil fuel consumption and emissions, and demonstrating the use vehicles to store energy for the grid. The eLion electric bus from Lion Bus has a range of up to 75 miles between charges, and can carry 72 passengers. "The bus will not only minimize emissions," says State Senator Michael Barrett, "it will bring home the point that action in our own backyard is key to addressing the most urgent problems in the world." Read more from the Michelin Challenge Bibendum Community.

The ethanol industry needs more storage capacity. A study from the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) finds that existing tanks at terminals are mostly in use, and more would have to be added to accommodate higher ethanol blends. Terminals already have a hard time getting blends like E15 to retailers due to a lack of infrastructure, and adding higher blends without more tanks would be even more challenging. Terminals also find difficulty in the permits and regulations for building new tanks. The ethanol industry has been taking measures, though, to expand capacity and transportation infrastructure to accommodate ethanol storage at terminals, but currently, most of the storage capacity is spoken for through long-term contracts. Read more at Ethanol Producer Magazine.

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