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Honda will use Accord Plug-in for vehicle-to-grid demonstration project

Honda is joining a pre-existing vehicle-to-grid (V2G) demonstration project involving the University of Delaware and NRG Energy. Honda will use one of its Accord Plug-in Hybrid models as a back-up grid-power source when conventional power supply drops and demand surges. NRG Energy started funding its testing system with the university earlier this year.

Boulder Electric keeps on trucking with vehicle-to-grid charging demonstrations

Boulder Electric Vehicle is gradually taking demonstrations of its vehicle-to-grid (V2G) technology westward, spreading the gospel of an electric truck that can power itself while providing about 60 kilowatts worth of juice for a building or another outside source.

Michigan Public Service Commission to study PHEV effect on grid

Plug-in electric vehicles obviously aren't very common right now but if they do become widespread the stability of the electrical grid could become a major issue. Although analysts expect most EVs to be plugged in at night when electrical demand is typically lower, it's inevitable that we will see daytime plug-ins as well, particularly for drivers who have longer commutes and access to a socket at work. The Michigan Public Service Commission that oversees and regulates utilities in the state is

VIDEO: PG&E's diesel hybrid electric service trucks, V2G plug-in hybrids

CNET's Green Enterprise video series (see video below) took a look at PG&E's hybrid electric service trucks and their vehicle-to-grid (V2G) plug-in hybrid cars. One cool clip shows PG&E's V2G hybrid putting energy back into the grid and turning the power meter backwards. The Lascelles Linton

Xcel Energy will begin plug-in hybrid test with converted Ford Escapes before end of 2007

Xcel Energy announced a plug-in hybrid test program today that will use six Ford Escape Hybrids converted to PHEV capability for a six-month period, starting before the year is out. The Escape PHEVs will be part of a vehicle-to-grid (V2G) technology demonstration in or near Denver (at least, that's where the press release, available after the break, is datelined. The release itself says " Xcel Energy will study how the vehicles perform in varied geographic regions and climates"). Three will be u