A special car requires special service, or so Ford dealers are finding out. Not every dealer will have the privilege of handling the upcoming $400,000 Ford GT. Those interested in servicing Ford's supercar will need to spend at least $30,000 in service center upgrades. That's according to a dealer document obtained by All Ford Mustangs.

The document lists a number of changes dealers must make. For example, an exclusive Ford GT clean room must be built or converted from existing facilities. Only a certified Ford GT master technician and Ford GT sales representative are allowed inside. A special set of dollies must be purchased in order to move the car. The dollies will mount at specific points on the carbon fiber tub to balance the mid-engined car and prevent damage. Other items needed include a tire mount that can work with the carbon fiber wheels and a specific jack for the transaxle.

A car trailer must be purchased to transport GTs from their owners homes or offices. Transportation services will be available to any Ford GT owners for warranty repairs, although not all services or repairs can be performed at the dealership.

The document lists repairs and maintenance under three separate tiers. Basic services like an oil change can be handled at the dealer. As the levels escalate, so does the level of outside involvement. Multimatic, the company that's assembling the new car, will send a "fly-in-doctor" when needed. If major repairs are required, Ford will ship the car back to Multimatic's facility in Canada.

Special tools and traveling technicians are nothing new to the supercar business. Only certain dealers can service the Dodge Viper. BMW only allows certified technicians to maintain the i8. Like Ford, Bugatti will fly people out in order to properly service and handle its vehicles. Ford already vetted future GT owners. These buyers should expect a supercar level of service from the most expensive car Ford has ever built.

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