Dad pranks kid using Tesla's summon feature

Cars with self-driving aspects are coming into their own as tools in pulling pranks. This video of a dad using Tesla's summoning feature to give his kid a scare is just one in what will surely be a long line of autonomous car gags. The YouTube account Tesla Motor Fans uploaded this 30-second clip of a boy in the front passenger seat of his dad's Model S last week. He was hanging out and fiddling with his phone when the car began to roll forward.

When he realized the car was moving on its own he smacked the dash and asked the car to stop before he called out for help from his dad. Little did he know that his dad was the one causing the car to turn on and roll forward. His dad was using an app on his phone that called up the car, and he caught his son's reaction with a GoPro mounted on the dash. Now, the kid doesn't seem too panicked in the video, prompting commenters to call the video fake. But he seemed genuinely relieved when his dad poked his head into the car to laugh at his discomfort. Real or not, the amusing video has wracked up over 380,000 views on YouTube.

This isn't the first time Tesla's groundbreaking tech has been used for a cheap laugh. Last month, a Model S owner put his own mother behind the wheel of his car while it was driving in Autonomous Mode. She had a nerve-wracking experience. Maybe because she figured you need to keep your hands on the wheel when a car is in motion. Common sense that Tesla asks all of their customers to follow. In fact, the summons feature can also be dangerous, as this owner found out when his Tesla crashed into a trailer after he accidentally summoned his Model S.

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