World's strongest man pulls 826 tons in a Volvo truck

Magnus Samuelsson is one of the strongest men in the world. He was crowned as world's strongest back in 1998, has made the finals a record ten times, and won the European Arm Wrestling championship before that. (He even competed in the WRC Rally Sweden a few years back.) He's six-foot-seven, weighs 345 pounds, and can bench press nearly 600 pounds. But even he can't pull 826 tons on his own – so he's brought in some help from Volvo Trucks.

In this promo clip for the Swedish truckmaker, Samuelsson joins trucking journalist Brian Weatherley in the cab of a Volvo FH16 to see how much the tractor can pull. They hook up over a million pounds, or about the weight of two Boeing 747 jumbo jets fully loaded with passengers and cargo. (Eat your heart out, Volkswagen Touareg!)

In other words, it's a whole lot of weight. Fortunately the Volvo FH16 features an innovative towing system called I-Shift, complete with crawler gears. That may make it feasible to tow that much weight, but it doesn't make it easy. Check out how it went down in the six-minute video clip above.

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