Cop and nurse hailed as heroes after rescuing crash victim

An officer in Grandview, MO, is being hailed as a hero by his department after rescuing a driver over the weekend who crashed while running from a traffic stop. Officer Chris Golubski attempted to pull over an SUV driven by Michael Hunter Moore on Sunday afternoon. But when Golubski hit his lights, Moore hit the gas. The chase was short lived. After a few seconds, Moore lost control of the SUV he was driving. The vehicle skidded across the road and flipped, throwing Moore and bits of the car high into the air. Moore was thrown so far from the vehicle that Golubski had to search for him. The officer found Moore in a nearby ditch and immediately began CPR.

"[Golubski] went from law enforcement role to life-saving role real quick. That's how fast things change," Grandview Police Sgt. Dean VanWinkle told KCTV. Luckily, nurse Kristine Killian just happened to be passing by. VanWinkle told the Kansas City Star that the force had just received CPR training in January.

"It was horrifying," Killian, a nurse with 30 of experience, told the new station. "I could see that the man was not breathing and not responsive and the officer was giving CPR." Killian helped to bring Moore back around to consciousness. Moore is still in the hospital, but is expected to recover. His girlfriend told KCTV he has been moved out of intensive care. Police say Moore was driving on a revoked license and that alcohol may have been a factor in the crash.

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