Tesla Model S price hike rumored for US

Could this mean new features for the flagship?

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With the upcoming launch of the Model 3 at a price of around $35,000, Tesla is significantly lowering the threshold for entry into brand ownership. At the same time, rumors are circulating about the Model S, and that its bar might get set a little higher in the coming weeks. Forum users at Tesla Motors Club report that Tesla representatives have been warning them of a price increase in April, leading some buyers to pull the trigger early in order to lock in the lower price.

Some say, though, that those customers will also be locking in old technology. The price increase rumors correspond with others involving updates to the luxury electric sedan, perhaps to be revealed alongside the Model 3 unveiling. While some are hoping for cosmetic changes to bring the Model S fascia in line with that of the Model X, others predict new Autopilot hardware (spurred on by images of cars spotted with new sensors attached), or the launch of the P100D. Some folks suspect the new price might just be to align the Model S with recent updates like the new standard Slipstream wheels and updated center console.

Of course, an update could include all of these additions, or the rumors might turn out to be just, well, rumors. One thing is certain, those with their ear to the ground will be paying close attention to the Model 3 presentation on March 31, looking for any revelations, obvious or implied, about possible changes to Tesla's flagship vehicle. And if we don't get any confirmations, we can be certain that the rumormill will continue to grind away wherever Tesla's name is spoken.

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