While details are still scarce about the car itself, Tesla is offering more information about the actual revealing of the Model 3 scheduled for Thursday, March 31, 2016. The unveiling will take place in Los Angeles in front of a relatively small gathering of about 800 people, 650 of which will be Tesla owners chosen by lottery. Tesla sent potential attendees a letter with a link to sign up for the attendance raffle, which closed Wednesday.

On March 31, doors will open for attendees at 7:00 PM Pacific, while the actual event, along with a live broadcast, begins at 8:30 and lasts until 11:30. We'll have someone at the event, and you'll be able to watch the presentation online here on AutoblogGreen and at Tesla's website.

For those of you who are interested in owning a Tesla Model 3, there's more information about that, too. Tesla will begin taking reservations (at $1,000 a pop) in-store on March 31, at 10:00 AM Pacific. Online reservations will go live at the same time as the unveiling at 8:30 PM (not April 1, as previously expected). That's assuming, of course, the servers hold up. Speaking of which, did you make your Bingo card yet?

There's a nice perk for current Tesla owners who are looking to add a Model 3 to their stables. In Tesla's aforementioned letter to owners, it says, "As a current owner who has supported Tesla and our mission, your reservation will take priority and be placed ahead of non-owners."

There's an even higher-priority list, though, as Tesla employees will get even earlier access to Model 3 purchases than the list of current owners. There are currently some 15,000 Tesla employees worldwide, most of whom live in the US.

Where things begin to get interesting is in the federal tax credit for EV buyers. The US government offers a credit of $7,500 for people who buy a battery electric vehicle. According to the law, however, those credits are limited to 200,000 units per manufacturer, which Electrek expects Tesla to hit in 2018. After the end of that quarter, the credit drops to $3,750 for six months, and then drops again to $1,875 for the six months following that before going away completely. Considering deliveries of the Model 3 are slated to begin in late 2017, only the earlier orders can be assured they'll get the full tax credit. While the main event begins on March 31, the Model 3 will be interesting to watch long after the live broadcast ends at 11:30.

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