Some things in life are all too predictable. These include family gatherings, festivals of any sort, and, of course, new car launches. To liven things up, it sometimes helps to make a game out of the routine, and what better way to do it than with DIY Bingo cards? Here in Michigan, it's always been a fun part of events like the Ann Arbor Art Fair (overpriced bottled water is a free space) and the Woodward Dream Cruise (Confederate flags, people drunk by noon). Press conferences from German automakers are good ones for certain words and phrases ("dynamism," "from our side," saying "of course" about something that isn't obvious, excessive titles like "Herr Professor Doktor").

In the same spirit of good-natured fun, and as a way to share their predictions about the car, the folks at the Tesla Motors Club forums are playing "Model 3 Reveal Bingo." Each member is allowed to create one Bingo card with their predictions for the event - scheduled for March 31 - arranged on the various boxes.

Boxes on the card users have predictions about both the car and the launch event, with phrases like, "More than one infotainment screen," "Cloth seats standard," "JB Straubel speaks," "Cd ≤ 2," "Stream not working properly and have to watch after," various takes on "Autonomous delivery," and my favorite, "Elon having a nervous/awkward break during speech (3s+)."

Getting a line of boxes is worth 10 points, while the center box, which is usually reserved for a free space, is worth five additional points. The highest possible score, achieved by filling your whole card, is 125 points. That also earns the clever winner some serious bragging rights.

Interested in playing? You can make your own card for free at the Bingo Baker website. Have a great idea for one of the squares? Sound off in the comments below.

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