VW tech boss pushing for EV class in World Rallycross

Formula E continues to show that exciting racing doesn't need combustion engines, but it might not remain the only international motorsport series for electric vehicles much longer if Volkswagen Head of Technical Development Franck Welsch gets his wish. The exec is lobbying to create an EV class in the FIA World Rallycross Championship and Global Rallycross Championship, according to Autocar.

In Welsch's opinion, rallycross' short heats make the events perfect for EVs because the batteries could easily supply enough energy. The time between the sprint races would also allow for recharging. "Today these cars are super-powerful, have torque from hell, and use all-wheel drive. Electric drivetrains could deliver that," he told Autocar. "If the championship moved that way it would be perfect for us. We are already in discussions with organizers to that effect."

Welsch's idea has merit, and it could have chance of happening because VW already competes in Global Rallycross with a highly tuned Beetle (above) and in World Rallycross with the Polo. He might also get support from competitors because every major automaker is currently toying with some form of electrification. There are also efforts to get an all-electric Tesla GT series going.

If Welsch's idea gets traction, it's not hard to imagine VW creating an all-wheel drive e-Golf R for this class to show what the company's EV tech can do. The combination of performance and environmental friendliness could be good publicity for the German automaker in the wake of the diesel emissions scandal.

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