Icon's latest Toyota FJ44 is Jonathan Ward's best yet

Icon's amazing work turning Toyota's vintage FJ models into modern off-roaders made the company famous, and since then the business has branched out to other awesome vehicles, including its Derelict projects. Founder Jonathan Ward always has a project going, and the latest one is this prototype for the third generation of FJ upgrades. In a new video, Ward shows viewers all the improvements on this FJ44, and the tweaks appear to make his company's already stunning work even better.

Ward named the prototype the Petersen Special because it was made for a display at the newly renovated Petersen Automotive Museum in Los Angeles. The project gave his crew a chance to pack the vehicle with new parts and innovations. A supercharged version of General Motors' E-rod V8 crate engine with about 540 horsepower is among the biggest improvements. Even without optimized transmission tuning, the mill gets the FJ44 to 60 miles per hour in an impressive 5.7 seconds. Icon now works with Brembo on custom brakes that cut stopping distances by 20 percent. A new suspension layout improves the ride on the road, but doesn't give up off-road capability.

Beyond the mechanical updates, Ward has a bevy of other improvements on the Petersen Special, including some sci-fi looking LED headlights and support for Apple CarPlay. Sit down with him in his office for this video and get a tour of this amazing prototype.

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