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A brief history of Icon’s Ford Bronco restomod operation

This year it will crank out 15 Broncos with an average price of $235,000

This year it will crank out 15 Broncos with an average price of $235,000.

Ford Bronco Old School ICON auction will help fund a design scholarship

It will sell for hundreds of thousands of dollars

It will sell for hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Icon's 1966 Fiat Giardinetta is a quaint electric city car

It has an estimated range of about 150 miles in the city

It has an estimated range of about 150 miles in the city.

1960 Willys Overland Wagon is Icon's latest awesome Derelict

Icon founder Jonathan Ward takes us on a tour of the latest Derelict, which is a 1960 Willys Overland Wagon. The model still looks original on the outside but packs modern parts underneath the skin.

Icon's latest Toyota FJ44 is Jonathan Ward's best yet

Icon is preparing the third generation of its FJ series. In this video, company founder Jonathan Ward shows off all the changes made to the prototype.

Icon goes Derelict on a 1967 VW Bus

Icon's latest Derelict turns a tired 1967 VW Bus into a modern machine thanks to a host of carefully hidden upgrades.

Xcar meets an automotive Icon in Jonathan Ward

Xcar sits down with Icon founder Jonathan Ward to hear all about the business of turning old heaps into some of the coolest vehicles on or off the road.

Jay Leno finds no detail neglected on Icon's Derelict 1948 Buick Super

Jay Leno can't quit smiling while driving Icon's latest Derelict, based on a 1948 Buick Super Convertible. It might look beat on the outside, but underneath there's a custom chassis and and Corvette ZR1 engine.

Icon Helios streamliner with Tesla bones is a dream from which we don't want to wake

When it comes to truly, genuinely interesting automotive design and craftsmanship, Brandon Turkus

ICON FJ-44 checks in to Jay Leno's Garage

Jay Leno is a big fan of ICON machinery. The comic and TV personality has already featured vehicles like the ICON Bronco and Derelict DeSoto on separate episodes, and now owner Zach Bowman

Icon, Mattel speak on FJ40 trademark claims

Things are looking up for Icon. The company just moved from its tiny original location to a sprawling new facility, and every machine its craftsmen produce is sold before the final bolts are tightened. There's even talk of finding ways to triple production in order to keep up with demand. In addition to the off-road titans and clever Zach Bowman

Icon recreating DB4 GT Zagato as convertible with modern mechanicals

Icon 4x4's portfolio of projects, which includes such stunners as the reanimated Bronco and deliciously decaying Derelicts, is evidence enough that founder and designer Jonathan Ward and company have the Midas Touch when it comes to laying hands upon cars from yesteryear. Their next project, however, takes them in yet another new

Icon Bronco dissected in detail

The crew from Cool Hunting finally got around to stopping by the Icon headquarters for a little chat with founder Jonathan Ward. The man has made a name for himself by crafting some of the most detail-oriented interpretations of classic cars on the planet.