Kids have an uncanny knack for breaking things in the most surprising ways. So to prove the toughness of its FMX commercial machine, Volvo Trucks handed over control to 4-year-old Sophie Brown. Don't worry, the little girl safely controlled it via remote, but the heavy-duty vehicle endured a ton of punishment through the company's obstacle course.

Sophie looks so excited behind the controls, and her reactions to the damage are among the highlights of the ad. After seeing a little girl roll the FMX and crash it through a building, the spot also superbly sells that idea that the truck could tackle a real job site.

Volvo Trucks has found great ways to advertise its equipment before. Whether its Jean-Claude Van Damme doing splits between big trucks or coaxing a hamster to drive one out of a quarry, the company's marketing team often creates the perfect stunt to get the point across.

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