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VW America CEO apologizes in person for diesel mess

120,000 VW TDI Owners Have Already Signed Up For 'Goodwill Package'

Despite spending a few minutes at the beginning of his speech at the LA Auto Show addressing the VW diesel scandal, Michael Horn, president and CEO of Volkswagen Group of America, was basically attacked by the media when his speech was over. People wanted to know more and more about what VW is doing to take care of the problem. Horn answered a few questions, but then quickly walked away to attend the Audi press conference.

Horn did apologize to the collected media – and, through them, to VW owners – about the situation. "We are committed to do what's necessary," Horn said. "[The $1,000 Goodwill Package] is just another step in the process while we work on the remedies that satisfy our customers and the government." Horn said as of Wednesday morning, more than 120,000 VW TDI owners has signed up for the Goodwill Package, representing roughly 25 percent of the total affected vehicles.

Horn also said that the gift cards are a way for VW to collect customer addresses in order to get to a 100-percent "remedy completion." It's not going to be an easy process. "Let me be very clear to you," Horn said. "We will take care of our customers, but this will take time. This responsibility is one that I don't take lightly. Making this right is the number one priority of everybody in our company right now."

Horn then shifted over to a discussion of VW's debut vehicles for the show, saying, "So, this was the TDI story. Now we move to the future and the real stuff now..."

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