Translogic 187: Virtue Pedalist

An E-Bike, Cargo Trike, And Velomobile In One

The Virtue Pedalist aims to combine the best of the bike and trike world to create the ultimate green commuter. With the e-assist of an electric bike, the stability of a tricycle, the storage of a cargo bike, and the aerodynamic enclosure of a velomobile, the Virtue Pedalist offers a little bit of everything.

"I [combined] all these – a cargo bike, electric bike, tricycle, velomobile – into one and, voila, we've got the Pedalist," said Virtue Cycles founder William Mulyadi.

The Pedalist doesn't just blend different bike styles. It borrows different bike components as well.

"We just take the best from each category," said Mulyadi. "For example, the wheels need to be strong, sturdy [so] we take [those] from BMX. For gearing, we used the best from Citi Bikes from Europe."

Host Jonathon Buckley takes you inside the Virtue Pedalist on this episode of Translogic.


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