You should never text and drive. You should also probably never lead police on a wild chase while riding a sportbike, either. Last week, a motorcyclist in Florida managed to do both at the same time.

A Martin County Sheriff's Office helicopter caught the egregious act while following the chase from high above I-95 last Thursday, NBC Miami reported. At one point the fleeing man took both hands off the handlebars of his bike to fiddle with his phone. Incredibly, this rider didn't wipe out or collide with another vehicle while his eyes were off the road. Police in the chopper "strategically forced" the rider off the freeway. No one was hurt. The rider faces multiple charges, including evading police. No word yet on whether distracted driving charges will be filed.

Distracted driving is a major problem on US roads. While distracted driving deaths have gone down, injuries have gone up. According to the most recent statistics available National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, 424,000 people were injured in 2013, increase of 3,000 people from 2012. That's not just crashes caused by texting: It includes people who crashed while eating, putting on makeup, or simply day-dreaming.

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