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Canadian police department to use Nickelback album to deter drunk drivers

This is patently cruel and unusual punishment.

And we thought Canadians were nice.

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Michigan police officer buys car seat for struggling father

A police officer in Westland, Michigan helped out a struggling young father when, instead of writing him a ticket, the officer bought a car seat for the man's daughter.

Refuse a breath test during DUI stop? It's now OK in Kansas

State court strikes down law that criminalized refusal, but US Supreme Court will likely decide issue.

A Kansas law that allowed authorities to charge motorists who refused breath or blood tests during drunk-driving investigations with additional crimes has been found unconstitutional.

Police officer gets egged during routine traffic stop

A Wisconsin police officer was in the middle of a routine traffic stop when his night took a turn for the weird.

Cruiser's close call caught on camera

A new recruit to the Kansas Highway Patrol experienced his first brush with danger on his very first day when a semi truck clipped his cruiser during a traffic stop last week.

Man sings his heart out to avoid a ticket

A man in Florida used his golden voice to get out of a traffic ticket for not buckling his seat belt.

Police officers deliver cash instead of tickets during traffic stops

One Sheriff's Office Brings Surprise Cheer To Motorists This Holiday Season

In Kansas City, MO, some motorists are receiving a holiday surprise instead of a ticket.

Police pull 35 workers out of six-seat van in China

Police stopped a van in Sichuan, China, last week and found it was stuffed with 35 people.

Tesla Model S third row of seats confuses, delights police

The day before Halloween, police responded to a report that a child was in the trunk of a car, only to discover the car was a Tesla Model S.

Cop keeps his cool during confrontation with angry driver

A police officer in Texas stayed relaxed during a tense traffic stop, and now he's helping spread the word about what cops go through on a daily basis.

Cop performs life-saving CPR on baby

A state trooper in Ohio was recognized for his heroism Tuesday for saving a nine-month-old baby's life during a traffic stop.‚Äč

Police officer dresses up like homeless man to catch texting drivers

Maryland drivers who showed a little compassion and payed attention to the road were able to avoid a ticket this week from an undercover officer.

Motorcyclist texts while running from police

A motorcycle rider in Florida managed to flee police while driving distracted last Thursday.

Dash cam shows cops pulling gun on couple during traffic stop

Footage released this week of a traffic stop in Indiana shows police throwing a man to the ground, pointing a gun at a woman in labor, and scheming to delete the video evidence of their dangerously mismanaged traffic stop.

Man tries to avoid speeding ticket by reporting fake emergency to 911

A man in Florida had the bright idea last week to make a phony call to 911 in an attempt to get out of a speeding ticket.

Traffic stop ends with donation to help girl with bone cancer

Drivers don't usually leave traffic stops smiling, but this mom and daughter were beaming after police handed them a check rather than a ticket last week.

Driver pulled over for speeding berates officer

A deputy in Florida showed considerable restraint after a woman he ticketed for speeding last week implied that officers deserve to be shot.

Ohio police pull over motorist for making eye contact

A Michigan man was pulled over in Dayton, OH last week, apparently for making "direct eye contact." Luckily, the man caught everything on video.

Video shows Philadelphia police officer pressuring driver for donation

A patrolman who appears in a video pressuring a driver to support a police fundraiser or have his car towed has been placed on desk duty, police said.

Massachusetts cop on leave after threatening motorist

An officer in Medford, MA, is on administrative leave after video of him threatening the life of a driver during a traffic stop went viral this week.

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