Touching tribute to boy who loved trucks

In a display that warmed a grieving family's heart, hundreds of truck owners showed up to the funeral of a little boy last Friday in Arizona whose debilitating disease never dimmed his loved of big rigs.

Elijah Steffen always wanted to see monster trucks in real life, but he was never able to get to the arena. The three-year-old died of a rare disease called Langerhans Cell Histiocytosis on Aug. 21, according to ABC15. He had been sick most of his brief life. Truck drivers were invited to the funeral in honor of the little boy. No one in the family, however, expected Friday's turnout.

At Elijah's funeral a procession of hundreds of different trucks accompanied the family to the cemetery. Semis, heavy machinery, pickups, off-road vehicles, fire engines, vintage military vehicles and even a monster truck showed up to honor the boy. Drivers then lined their rigs up on the side of the road leading into the cemetery and stood outside their cabs to honor him.

His family expressed their appreciation of the drivers of the trucks on social media. Elijah's family have also set up a GoFundMe page to help with the medical bills left over from Elijah's treatment.

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