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More than 100 pink Cadillacs assemble for Aretha Franklin’s funeral today

They're forming a 'Freeway of Love' as Detroit honors the Queen of Soul

They're forming a 'Freeway of Love' outside the church.

Politician's funeral procession features pole dancers

A Taiwanese politician's racy funeral procession literally stopped traffic as it paraded dozens of scantily clad pole dancers through city streets last week.

Touching tribute to boy who loved trucks

In a display that warmed a grieving family's heart, hundreds of truck owners showed up to the funeral of a little boy last Friday who's rare disease never dimmed his loved of big rigs.

Jules Bianchi laid to rest in France

After a nine-month struggle to regain consciousness and recover from injuries sustained in a crash last year, former F1 driver Jules Bianchi was finally laid to rest yesterday in Nice.

Drive-Thru Funeral Home Offers Mourners Convenience

Funeral home offers roadside viewing for disabled, fearful or busy

A Michigan funeral parlor opened a drive-thru window for viewings Wednesday hoping to offer the bereaved a more convenient mourning experience.

Funeral Procession For Car Accident Victim Causes Crash

Cars stopping for oncoming funeral procession may be dangerous

A near-fatal crash caught on tape in Marion County, Tenn., has drivers wondering if southern civility could be putting lives at risk on the road

How Kim Jong-il's final ride came to be in a Lincoln

The funeral of Kim Jong-il made for a big story internationally, but in true Autoblog fashion, we were just as interested in the classic cars that figured prominently in the procession. Of particular interest was a 1970s Lincoln limousi

Hell plays host to world's largest gathering of hearses

If you're heading to Hell, you're probably going to take a ride in a hearse at some point in your journey. Seems only fitting, then, that a group of hearse owners chose the tiny hamlet of Hell, Michigan as the place to set a world record. An official from the Guinness Book Of World Records was on hand to verify that the 51-hearse gathering is a new record in a category that we didn't even know existed.

Brahms plug-in hybrid hearse transports greenies to the grave

Smooth, quiet and fuel-efficient, the Brahms plug-in hybrid hearse is fit for the dead.

Spy Shots: Lincoln MKT Hearse looks to be one swanky final ride

Lincoln MKT hearse spy shots – Click above for high-res image gallery

Ouch, that Hearse! Maserati Quattroporte works the graveyard shift

Some of us – okay, one of us – here at Autoblog may disagree, but there's no shortage of people who think the Maserati Quattroporte is one of the most beautiful four-door works of automotive art this side of a Toyota Prius. All the more so after having driven it in Austria. So why, then, do so many coachbuilders seem bent on rui

Hot Rod casket gives man Godspeed to the great beyond

The sleek gray capsule stood motionless before the gathered crowd. And what a sight it was: tubular exhaust headers, polished valve covers, blower scoop, checkered flag badges, and a custom plate that read *58 Pro. The driver reclined behind a set of custom gauges wearing his favorite black shirt with hot rod flames.