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Tesla's new Semi Truck drives 400 miles on a 30 minute charge

Elon Musk's 'Master Plan' continues to unfold. On November 17, 2017 Elon Musk took the stage to unveil Tesla's new electric semi truck. The truck can go 0-60MPH in only 5 seconds with an attached trailer, has 500 miles of electric range, and is able to be charged up to 400 miles within 30 minutes thanks to Tesla's megachargers. To learn more about the new semi, see our full write-up of the truck here: https://www.autoblog.com/2017/11/17/tesla-electric-semi-truck-elon-musk/

Tesla Semi Truck revealed: Here are the key details

Elon Musk's 'Master Plan' continues to unfold.

Tesla moves beyond passenger vehicles to the electrification of freight transport.

VW is content to let Tesla and Daimler lead in electric commercial vehicles for now

Volkswagen is content being a "second mover, who would rather check a couple of times more whether the standards are right."

Tesla keeps on truckin' with electric semi progress

Musk reiterates that the Model 3 is the priority, though.

Tesla's Guillen has been working on an electric-truck project since joining the company from Daimler in 2012.

Nikola One Zero-Emission Semi Truck Unveiled | Autoblog Minute

Nikola Motor Company unveiled the zero-emission semi truck. Delivery of the first trucks expected in 2020.

Truckers work together to stop incredibly drunk driver

Cause we got a little old convoy rockin' through the night.

It's the way of the road.

Semi truck slams into stalled school bus in Pennsylvania

A tractor-trailer crashed into a school bus carrying 37 students to an end-of-year field trip in Pennsylvania this week.

Driver barely avoids being crushed by tractor trailer

A driver in New York barely avoided being flattened on a bridge last week when a semi lost its load and flopped over in front of him.

Nikola Motors steals Tesla's first name, wants to build clean semis

An all-electric UTC called the Nikola Zero is also in the works.

Nikola Motors debuted today with a lot of promises about two new plug in vehicles, the Nikola One semi-truck and the Nikola Zero UTV.

California's search for greener semi trucks gets a bit more real

Some call the quest 'bureaucratic hubris.'

The California Sustainable Freight Action Plan is on the hunt for better, greener semi trucks. And they just might be coming.

Ford CEO thanks Super Duty owner who hauled semis out of snow

A feel-good ending to a feel-good story.

Ford CEO Mark Fields thanked a New York man for using his Ford Super Duty pickup to pull stranded semi trucks out of a snow storm earlier this month.

Missouri trooper has close call with semi on freeway

A state trooper's cruiser was sideswiped by a speeding semi as the officer wrapped up a traffic stop on Interstate 70.

Ford pickup tows semi trucks out of snow bank during snowstorm

A Ford pickup truck in New York managed to help free several semi trucks from snowy roads Tuesday.

Truck driver inches from death in terrifying near miss

A truck driver in Britain barely escaped with his life when another truck passed within inches from his broken-down vehicle.

How a series of bad choices led to the collapse of this historic bridge

A truck driver attempted to cross a historic bridge in Indiana on Christmas Day only to find a 136-year-old bridge that was no match for her 21.5-ton truck.

Road-raging semi driver strikes car on freeway

Police are apologizing to the driver of a car that was repeatedly crashed into by a semi truck driver in a terrifying act of road rage last month.

Touching tribute to boy who loved trucks

In a display that warmed a grieving family's heart, hundreds of truck owners showed up to the funeral of a little boy last Friday who's rare disease never dimmed his loved of big rigs.

Mom sees 12-year-old son driving a semi truck on Faceook

A woman in Missouri was furious after she watched a video of her ex-husband allowing their elementary school-aged son to drive an 18-wheel semi truck.

PSA: The semi truck jumping record now stands at 166 feet

Gregg Godfrey jumped 166 feet in a semi truck to set a new record for the stunt. While it looked easy from the outside, from inside Godfrey clearly felt the impact when the big rig returned to Earth.

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