We knew that among the many technical treats provided by the Ford GT is an active rear wing, and we knew that the domestic exotic is going to grace the cover of Forza Motorsport 6. What we didn't know is how that rear wing looked when deployed, and thanks to Forza, now we do. If the driving game is being its usual model of accuracy, then the GT wing is no joke - everyone will know when you mean business. We've seen this kind of setup on the Bugatti Veyron and, more subtly, on the McLaren P1. Like those two examples, the GT flap automatically changes its angle in different conditions, such as under braking.

When Ford gave us a tour of the GT interior we noticed a lot of buttons, now we're wondering if any of them allow the driver to deploy the wing at will. There is a button marked "aero," but no associated graphic to explain what it's for.

The AR12 Gaming host of the video above isn't there for the GT, though - he's responding to audience requests for 60-frames-per-second gameplay footage in Forza, and to see how the tire smoke looks while drifting. But his stop-and-go drifting efforts give us plenty of footage of the wing in action, so check it out.

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Ford GT

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