App tells you if you're too stoned to drive, Taco Bell reeling

A new iPhone app called Canary could help in the fight of keeping the roads safe from those smoking too much ganja. Developer Marc Silverman is an expert in the field of performance evaluation, and his software focuses on just that. Users establish a baseline in tests of memory, reaction time, balance and time perception while sober. Then, those same users can check again when stoned to see the effect that marijuana is having on them. Hopefully, the information also keeps these people from deciding to get behind the wheel, should they be too high.

While Canary doesn't do anything directly to keep people off the road, it could still help places like Colorado, where the number of high drivers is larger than ever now that marijuana has been legalized. The state still lacks an official roadside test to establish if someone behind the wheel is too stoned, according to 7News. A major part of that problem is that varying amounts of THC affect people differently, so setting a hard limit is difficult. While being baked on the highway isn't safe, research in Colorado has indicated that the number of fatal accidents there has actually been falling.

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