Consider our buzz harshed. Legal pot use in Washington and Colorado has had a number of benefits – the Highest State has seen a 2.5-percent drop in violent crime and a big bump in tax revenues ($10 million during the first third of 2014). Washington, meanwhile, is expecting a $190-million increase in tax revenues over the next few years. The legalization of marijuana has also – some might say predictably – contributed to increases in driving while high. Not cool, Washington and Colorado.

The increase in ganja-related DUIs has reportedly doubled in Colorado, from eight to 15 percent of total UDI cases, according to Arapahoe House, a detox operation that runs three facilities in metropolitan Denver. In Mesa County, in western Colorado, meanwhile, around 12 percent of DUI cases relate to weed use. During the first half of 2013, Washington police found that 420 (seriously) of the 745 drivers stopped on suspected DUI were found to have too much THC in their system. That's a nine percent increase over 2012.

With those troubling (albeit limited-in-scope) metrics in mind, both states are preparing a comprehensive ad campaign aimed at discouraging those who have been smoking from getting behind the wheel. The ads, three 30-second spots that are each good for a chuckle, were originally designed for Colorado, although they're also set to air in Washington.

Take a look below for all three ads. Do you think these will be effective? Have your say in Comments.

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