"Maximum" Bob Lutz has never been afraid to speak his mind on the auto industry or even pretend to be its emperor. In a recent roundtable discussion with Automotive News, Lutz had a little more fun and became a soothsayer on the far-flung future of the car. He prophesies a motoring world that sounds like science fiction today.

While not the greatest fan of Tesla, Lutz is a longtime supporter of electric vehicles in general, and he sees them as the ultimate future. He also predicts autonomous driving will play a major role in the coming years given its flurry of development. Lutz then sprinkles a dash of Uber into all of this to craft his imagined world of transportation.

You really need to read Lutz's whole forecast for yourself, but we predict many enthusiasts might not enjoy his idea of an emotionless, impersonal motoring future. He backs up some of his prophesy with current examples, though. Of course, whether or not any of this ever actually happens is something that even Maximum Bob can't really know.

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