Discussion over on the Tesla Motors Club forum are often fertile ground for deep-in-the-weeds information about the Model S, things that don't warrant any sort of press release or announcement or that are just interesting to talk about. For example, how much does it cost to get your fancy EV fixed up? Turns out, it's less than it used to be.

Take, for example, this post by Linux64, which says that a Tesla certified body shop gave him a $10,000 estimate for a recent repair. That's a lot, but it would have been in the mid-$20,000 range a month ago, apparently. Linux64 wrote:

The owner told me that about 30 days ago Tesla dramatically slashed the price of almost all parts to the tune of 66% reduction in cost. The repair shop which also handles Audi aluminum repairs along with other high end autos said that before the cost of Tesla parts were in line with Mercedes, Audi, BMW, but now Tesla is much cheaper. He said some things are still the same price, for example a 21" wheel is still $1500, but overall most parts saw a price cut. One part he gave me before and after prices for were the bumper cover ("the most common part needing replacing" he said) which went from $1200 to $320.

Lots of forum participants responded to say that they've been quoted lower prices for various repairs, too.

The original high Model S repair costs are partly due to the aluminum body, so the pricey bills have been with the car from the beginning. If you look on TMC back to the beginning of 2014, you can find a forum thread about the "crazy high" repair costs. Thankfully, the numbers are officially coming down. Alexis Georgeson of Tesla Communications would not give out any specifics for the price drops, but told AutoblogGreen that, "Tesla is committed to making the production and service of our cars increasingly cost effective for our customers and our company. As we continue to produce more vehicles, economies of scale naturally decrease the price of individual parts." Whether or not high insurance rates and unhappy drivers played a role in the price drop, as TMC participants speculate, Georgeson didn't say.

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