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Car Buying
What is a branded title? Everything you need to know

What do salvage, rebuilt and lemon law titles mean, and how are they different from clean titles?

AAA study says the average annual cost of vehicle ownership is $12,182

'Your Driving Costs' study result is up from last year, and you can blame pickups

NHTSA now approves of Massachusetts repair law after raising hacking concerns

Major automakers were told in June not to comply with the open-access law

Florida's auto insurance rates are getting out of control

Inflation, uninsured drivers, and weather are all to blame for huge rate increases

How I was reunited with my Acura TSX after 16 years

And how it was restored by Acura collector Tyson Hugie

Deals and Promotions
Best car batteries of 2023

Not all car batteries are created equal

Senators tell NHTSA to back off on Massachusetts right-to-repair law

Voters passed the law overwhelmingly, but the agency told automakers to ignore it

U.S. tells automakers not to comply with Massachusetts right-to-repair law

Third-party shops gaining access to vehicle data is a security risk, NHTSA says

Average age of vehicles on U.S. roads hits 12.5 years, another record

There are almost 122 million vehicles in operation over 12 years old

Most Americans say they lack ready cash to cover a surprise $400 expense

Two-thirds polled would have to put it on a credit card or couldn't pay at all

These cars are the cheapest to maintain over 10 years

The Nissan Leaf had shockingly low repair costs, thanks to its electric drivetrain

Trucks are more likely to last 250,000 miles than other vehicles

Several trucks had more than a 40% chance of lasting a quarter-million miles.

Check Engine lights cost more to fix in 2023, CarMD data shows

Study of ODBII report data also shows hybrid and EV repairs climbing

These are the EVs that need battery replacements the most often

Battery replacements are exceedingly rare, but some models need them more than others

Consumer Reports' auto insurance rankings show the little guy is the best guy (again)

Liberty biberty, most large insurers with big ad spends get low ratings

Scratched EV battery? Your insurer may have to junk the whole car

'Zero repairability': Reuters finds lots of salvage low-mileage Teslas in particular

Replace your worn-out wiper blades for less than $8

Grab some Anco wiper blades for less than a Big Mac and a Coke

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