Jalopnik helps traumatized driver regain skills at Lime Rock

One writer at a time, Jalopnik is working to make everyone a better driver. After sending one scribe to a track day for the first time and another offroad, now the challenge is to help someone feel comfortable behind the wheel again after a three-year absence. The result is a heartwarming short film about a person taking on their fears.

Yannick Lejacq is a writer for Kotaku, Jalopnik's fellow Gawker Media site devoted to video games. Three years ago, he was in a traumatic auto accident with his family, and it clearly shook him to the core. He hasn't driven a car since then, and he has barely felt comfortable even riding in a vehicle.

To build Lejacq's confidence, Jalopnik sent him to the Survive The Drive program at Lime Rock Park. The class is meant to give teens advanced training but also worked for Lejacq to knock the cobwebs off his skills behind the wheel. For his trip to the track, Jalopnik furnished Lejacq with a Volvo S60 Polestar. There are only 120 of them in the US from the first production run, but the rare, 345-horsepower sport sedan certainly combines performance with an air of safety. It might be the perfect tool for this admirable job.

Volvo S60 Information

Volvo S60

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