Learn how to take a beater off-road with Jalopnik

Apparently, Jalopnik wants to get fewer people experiencing the automotive hobby from behind a digital screens and have more of them actually doing things in the real world. It recently sent a very nervous writer on his first track day. Now, the time has come to tackle the exact opposite driving experience – offroading. Andrew Collins of Truck Yeah headed out to rural Pennsylvania in a lightly modified and quite well used Toyota 4Runner, for a beginner's guide to playing in the dirt.

There might not be a whole lot to glean from this clip for those who routinely go rock crawling, but novices can definitely pick up a few pointers. Collins keeps things simple with explanations of what you need, and he also takes a ride with an instructor for some driving tips. Hopefully, it offers a little extra inspiration for you to give off-roading a shot.

Toyota 4Runner Information

Toyota 4Runner

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