Jalopnik shows how to survive your first track day

Every person who loves fast cars or any form of motorsports should drive on a track at least once in their lives. Being on a closed circuit is entirely different than driving quickly on the road because, suddenly, all that matters is perfecting the next corner. Of course, this experience doesn't have to come from an actual race, and a track day can provide many of the same thrills in a beginner-friendly atmosphere. Jalopnik just sent its writer Mike Ballaban to Lime Rock Park for his first experience on a racecourse to give other novices some pointers.

Ballaban is just a shave away from looking like the John Hodgeman of racing, and he's clearly incredibly nervous to start lapping the track for his first time. Even if he's playing up some of the anxiety for the cameras, it's hard to fake the fear in his eyes and his shaking hands on the steering wheel. Still, Ballaban slowly gains speed and confidence as the laps tick by, and his instructor even eventually switches them to a mid-engine Italian redhead from their starter Volkswagen Golf R.

Make the time, and follow Ballaban's lead by facing a fear and lapping a track. The experience is definitely worth it.

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