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Jalopnik is trying to make the world a better place by sending a traumatized driver to Lime Rock Park to regain his confidence behind the wheel.


"Your whole driving style has to change to get the best out of EV technology."


Short of driving your tires bald, purposely reducing vehicle traction – say, for driver training purposes – usually involves affixing an expensive outrigger system to lift the car off the ground or buying a dedicated skid car. The three-year-old Easy Drift Driver Training System, on the other hand, changes all of that.

Getting your driver's license can be a tremendous event. It signifies a new-found level of freedom and a chance to go out and explore more of the surrounding world. The privilege of being licensed to drive a car is a wonderful thing, yet not everyone thinks of it that way. A teenager with a learner's permit is eager to make the jump to a full license – even if they might not be totally ready to carry that piece of plastic in their wallet or purse. A bill introduced in the spring of 2009 wo

We've disagreed with Detroit News columnist Manny Lopez in the past, but his most recent column is absurd. At issue is a bill in the Michigan State legislature that would require adding an environmental component to driver education programs. Lopez is against this. OK, fine. But his reasons are illogical. How many wrong points does Lopez make? Let's count, shall we?.

Most people pass the driving exam on the first try, with a select few failing once or twice before finally getting it right. In South Korea, one woman has been trying to pass the written test since 2005 and has yet to pass. In all, the 68 year-old woman, known only as Cha, has failed the exam 771 times. Okay, so you're thinking that South Korea has some wicked-hard test that takes a MENSA certificate to pass. Probably not. Actually, you only need a 60% to pass, and Cha typically lands in the 30-

The recent spate of negative press hampering the Caparo T1 hasn't stopped the makers of the clichéd "road-going racecar" from releasing a host of details outlining the finer points of the T1's safety systems.

The question of the day is, "If you're tasked with teaching a three-time Formula One champ to drive, what's the curriculum?" Some instructor in Brazil will be forced to answer that very query when he gets Nelson Piquet behind the wheel for a refresher on the rules of the road.

Ford launched its Driving Skills For Life website a few months back, and as far as a resource for new drivers and their white-knuckled parents, its a worthy effort. Sure, the kitsch level is a bit high and some of the modules could be improved, but any attempt by an automaker to focus on driver safety and highlight the number one killer of teens gets a gold star in our book.

With California being the hottest market for hybrid vehicles, it makes sense that a California-based driver training company would begin using a fleet of exclusively hybrid vehicles including Toyota Prius's and Ford Escapes. Drivers Ed Direct hopes to instill some environmental responsibility in the students by exposing them to hybrids early. Another potential advantage if done correctly is the use of SUVs like the Escape. In recent years a lot of parents have given their teenagers an SUV in the