Things don't always go as planned, especially when it comes to racing. That's the lesson that Honda had to learn the hard way at Pikes Peak this year. Unfortunately that means that the ARX-04b LMP2 prototype won't be running up the mountain in this weekend's Race to the Clouds.

Honda was slated to run its new LMP2 prototype at Pikes Peak, but a series of misfortunes meant that the entry had to be withdrawn. The prototype was set back with a series of mechanical difficulties, chief among them a turbocharger failure that inflicted damage on the vehicle's engine. That left Honda with little choice but to withdraw the entry.

"We some had some problems that forced us to miss practice on Tuesday and Wednesday," Honda spokesman Eric Mauk confirmed in correspondence with Autoblog. Given that Justin Wilson – despite his extensive experience particularly in open wheels – is considered a rookie at this event, "race rules state that he must practice all three sections of the race course before the race. With just two days of practice left (you can only practice one section a day due to time constraints), we could not do that, so we had to withdraw."

It's an unfortunate turn of events for Honda and Wilson, to be sure, but the manufacturer will still be entering a number of other vehicles at Pikes Peak this weekend. Included among them are the electric CR-Z prototype, and the NSX that is serving as pace car for the event. All told, Honda is fielding 13 entries in 11 different classes.

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