It's getting increasing hard not to feel a little envious of Harry Metcalfe's collection of vehicles, especially with his latest purchase. He now owns the trinity of '80s European supercars with an '87 Lamborghini Countach, an '87 Ferrari Testarossa, and the recent addition of an '89 Porsche 911 Turbo. With the other two already featured in videos, the example from Stuttgart gets the focus in Metcalfe's latest clip.

These turbos have a reputation for being a bit of a handful to drive, and according to Metcalfe that notoriety isn't entirely undeserved. With no power steering, floor-mounted pedals, oddly placed controls and lots of turbo lag, this era of 911 Turbo is difficult to master. However, it's a wonderful challenge that really engages the driver, according to Metcalfe.

While a very different vehicle from the Countach or Testarossa, it's clear that this 911 Turbo is still a beloved member in Metcalfe's trio of '80s supercars. Let him give you a detailed explanation why in this video.

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