Recharge Wrap-up: Tesla says it will adapt cars to China's charging standard, Toyota previews Mirai for NY officials

Tesla Model S LED License Plate Replacement Bulbs Reviewed

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Tesla says it will adapt its cars to meet China's charging standards. As Tesla sales in China fail to meet targets, in part due to range anxiety, the company has been working to build chargers for its vehicles to allay concerns surrounding its unavailability and its incompatibility with the country's charging standard. While China says it won't support charging infrastructure incompatible with its own, Tesla says, "We will fully cooperate with the Chinese government in drafting the national charging standards as well as building public charging infrastructure." Cooperation stands to help Tesla meet its sales goals in China, and to help China meet its goal of promoting electric vehicles. Read more at The Wall Street Journal.

Abstract Ocean offers LED replacements for the Tesla Model S license plate bulbs. The folks at Teslarati purchased and installed a set to review and shared the results. At $21.99, the LED License Plate Bulb Kit offers a slightly more high-tech lighting solution to match the high-tech nature of the Model S, and is appropriately inexpensive for a decidedly minor upgrade. It is also very easy to install, requiring just a Phillips-head screwdriver and a few minutes. While you're not likely to see any significant energy savings from the LED bulbs, the reviewer likes the look and is happy with the customization experience. Read more at Teslarati.

Toyota and Air Liquide hosted a ride-and-drive of the Toyota Mirai at the New York State Capitol. As the hydrogen fuel cell car gets closer to its US launch, Toyota has been hosting informational events to get the word out about the vehicle and hydrogen technology. At the event, which included an informational session on the hydrogen economy, elected officials got to get behind the wheel of the zero emissions vehicle. "After more than a century with the automobile, we are making decisions about socially significant technologies aimed at building a true hydrogen society over the next 100 years," says Toyota Group Vice President of Government Affairs Steve Ciccone. Air Liquide and Toyota are teaming up to develop hydrogen fueling infrastructure in the Northeast US. The Mirai goes on sale in the Northeast in 2016. Read more from Air Liquide.

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