By The Numbers

April 2015: Sales Keep On Truckin' Edition

Pickup trucks, crossovers and SUVs continue to form up the backbone of US auto sales, making up more than half of the total auto market. American automakers fared the best, with General Motors, Ford and Fiat Chrysler Automobiles all seeing significant gains. Of the Japanese brands, Nissan posted the biggest gain, with Toyota staying mostly flat and Honda falling.

Looking at individual brands, Porsche saw an impressive sales gain, as did Mitsubishi and Mini. Jeep and GMC, which rely on truck-based lineups, sold very well in April, and Subaru once again managed to post a noteworthy gain, making it 41 straight months of sales increases, though that's still a bit behind FCA's 61 consecutive months.

A few more noteworthy data points:
  • The seasonally adjusted annual rate for 2015 sits at 16.52 million, which is high, but short of analyst predictions.
  • BMW, Mercedes and Lexus continue to fight for the luxury sales crown, with M-B earning the edge in April.
  • There were 26 sales days in April of 2015, which matched that of the same month in 2014.
As always, you're encouraged to peruse our past By The Numbers posts for all the sales data from previous months and years.

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