Before the Apple Watch was even on sale, the engineers at Eleks Labs had an emulated version of the gadget controlling a Tesla Model S. Now, the developer Rego Apps is proving on video that the feat is quite possible in the real world, too.

According to developer Allen Wong, his Remote S app gives users all of the power of Tesla's own software and more from their wrist. At the press of just a few buttons, a person can unlock a Model S and start it up. Swiping the screen displays different views, including the charge indicator and whether the doors are locked, and the software can also remotely adjust the HVAC settings and control the luxury EV's charging.

Remote S isn't available from the App Store yet, but the app is moving through Apple's approval process, according to Wong in the video's YouTube description. His inspiration to create the app came simply as a Tesla-owning hobbyist, and he doesn't expect to make much money from the software's future release. There is also a Watch App for the BMW i3.

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