First Apple Watch app for Tesla Model S is here, thanks to Eleks

Modern technology is the science fiction of three decades ago. For example, not very long from now you may be able to control many of your car's functions directly from a watch, specifically the Apple Watch. While the wearable smart device isn't even on sale yet, the software developers at Eleks Labs already have a demo version of the Tesla iPhone app running on the gadget (operating in an emulator in the video above), and the programmers believe even more features could be possible later.

The Apple Watch version of the app shrinks and streamlines the standard software to fit on your wrist. It still offers much the same functionality, though. The main screen shows the state of charge, range, and whether the Model S is locked, but by scrolling through the pages, users can also do things like open the doors, reposition the moonroof, adjust the climate control while away from the vehicle and much more. It's looks quite handy.

There is a big downside to all of the features on the watch's app at the moment, though. According to Eleks Labs, the software development kit for the Apple Watch currently only lets programmers use the device as a bridge for the user's iPhone. That means people must keep their phone on them at all times to get any functionality on their wrist. Some of the gadget's controls are also still being limited, like its Digital Crown scroll wheel.

It's not all bad news, though. The developers think additional functionality could be unlocked closer to when the Apple Watch goes on sale. It's possible future apps for the device might not even need to use the phone. While the demo is just a third-party app for now, Eleks Labs hopes to make it official. "Our biggest interest is to cooperate with Tesla to create true omnichannel experience across the car, the app and the watch. We're sure that Tesla owners would benefit most from this option. So we'll try to get in touch with Tesla Motors and arrange this," said Markiyan Matsekh, Product Manager for Mobility and Wearables at Eleks Labs, to Autoblog.

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