Apple Watch watches your BMW i3, i8

EV Drivers Can Monitor Charging Status,

Apple unveiled details about its long-awaited Apple Watch yesterday and we now know that the $349, er, watch will be released to the public early next year. Amid the millions of features the watch has is the ability to provide real-time information on the battery charge level in a BMW i3 or i8 plug-in vehicle. The watches can also help locate the vehicles if, say, they're parked in a crowded lot. Because so many of us lose our Bimmers on a daily basis.

BMW spokesman Dave Buchko confirmed the integration of the Bimmer-centric features on Apple Watch to AutoblogGreen, and noted that the product will let users monitor heating and air-conditioning as well as remotely unlocking the car. "This latest device has the potential to change how owners interact with their BMW, paving the way for a new level of personalization and immediacy," Buchko said.

The new wrist-based connection allows for a nice bit of exposure for the German company's new i series. As of the end of last month, BMW had sold 2,082 i3 battery-electric vehicles in the US since starting domestic sales in May. It also sold nine of i8 plug-in hybrids in August, the first partial month for US sales.

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