Jay Leno checks out the Petersen's 1948 Davis Divan

Whether you're looking at a classic like the Reliant Robin or Morgan Three-Wheeler or a modern creation like the Campagna T-Rex or Polaris Slingshot, we're used to trikes being rather small. Not so the Davis Divan, a peach of an example of which Jay Leno has by his garage this week for his latest video installment.

The Davis Divan was one of those anomalies of the American automotive industry, built in the post-war era not by a major established automaker but by a small startup – not unlike the Tucker story, and it ended up pretty much the same way. That only makes it a more interesting one, though. To tell the story right, Jay invited Leslie Kendall – curator of the Petersen Automotive Museum – to bring by this rare 1948 example. The two take a drive through California automotive history to this seldom-read chapter.

As we reported just the other day, the Petersen has launched an Indiegogo campaign to crowd-fund the restoration of this American oddity ahead of the renovated museum's grand re-opening, so we doubt there's any coincidence with its decision to bring it by Leno's hangar for a moment in the spotlight. And we're glad they did. Scope out its sleek shape, unconventional layout and four-across seating in the video above.

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