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2021 Polaris Slingshot revives 'S' trim, adds paddle shifters

Owners of 2020 models can add these features too

2020 Polaris Slingshot gets new engine, adds automatic transmission option

Automated-manual transmission is a first for the three-wheeler

An updated Polaris Slingshot is on the way

The headlights are familiar but different

Cespedes Watch: The Mets outfielder's one-man car show

The man has a certain style.

It's a new ride for every spring training day.

Watch Tanner Foust flog a 400-hp tuned Polaris Slingshot

Tanner Foust unleashes a turbocharged Polaris Slingshot with over 400 hp on San Diego's quiet streets and an empty parking garage.

Open Road
Is the Polaris Slingshot a surprise sales success?

Buried within Polaris Industries' fourth-quarter earnings call is a suggestion that the company may have an unexpected motorcycle sales success. And it's not the Indian Scout!

Polaris recalls 9,182 Slingshots for faulty headlights

Polaris will recall the 2015-2016 Slingshot because the headlights can fail.

Polaris follows up with Slingshot recall

After issuing a stop-sale and stop-ride order, motorcycle manufacturer Polaris Industries has now followed up with a recall for the steering rack on its Slingshot roadster trike.

Polaris issues stop sale of Slingshot for potential steering failure

Polaris issues a recall and stop-sale order for its Slingshot over two issues. Certain models might have been fitted with defective ball bearings in the steering column, failure of which could cause loss of steering. It's also possible that installed roll-hoops don't meet company performance specs. Both problems will be fixed free-of-charge.

Polaris Slingshot now banned in Connecticut, too

Connecticut is the latest state to decide that the Polaris Slingshot is not a motorcycle and therefore can't be registered for the road there. It appears that the only solution is for Polaris to go to the legislature to create a separate designation for vehicles like its three-wheeler.

Why Texas won't let Polaris deliver Slingshots to its citizens

Texas might be known for the independent spirit of its people and for long stretches of high-speed open road, but prospective buyers of the Polaris Slingshot need to look elsewhere for their three-wheeled thrills. The state's Department of Motor Vehicles says that the sporty models cannot be registered there because they don't meet the definition of a motorcycle.

Polaris Slingshot hits the road on all three wheels [w/videos]

If there's one thing that the likes of Morgan and Campagna have taught us, it's that a three-wheeled roadster can be one heck of a fun ride, bringing together the best elements of a motorbike and a sports car (albeit with none of the practicality). And now they've got a new challenger on their hands in the form of the Slingshot.

Year's most surprising driver's car might not be a car at all; might be the Polaris Slingshot

Polaris, well-known maker of motorcycles, ATVs and snowmobiles, is getting very close to hopping into a whole new market with its Slingshot, a new three-wheeled roadster. The company just released its first teaser video to promote the still mysterious new sports trike ahead of its full July 27 unveiling.

Polaris Slingshot detail revealed in new patent renderings

It's been about a year since we first heard about the Polaris Slingshot, and it looks like the side-by-side trike is a little closer to hitting the road. Thanks to a report from Asphalt and Rubber, we now have our best look yet at the Slingsho