Volvo LifePaint makes cyclists safer by making them more visible

Volvo engineers are already working to make the Swedish brand's models safer for bicyclists with projects like vehicle-to-cyclist communication and automatically detecting the two-wheelers. Of course, one of the biggest boosts would come from keeping bikers out of harm's way in the first place. To do just that, the automaker is trying a very cool, low-tech approach in the UK that really lights up the night.

Volvo, advertising agency Grey London and Albedo 100 partnered to create LifePaint. The special spray is practically invisible during the day, but when light hits it at night, things shine a vibrant white. The results speak for themselves in Volvo's video with cyclists suddenly glowing through the night after applying the material. According to Adweek, the substance washes off and lasts about a week between applications.

Volvo plans to give away 2,000 cans of LifePaint at some London and Kent bike shops. This isn't our first chance to see Albedo 100's reflective spray at work, though. The Finnish Reindeer Herder's Association painted its animals with two versions of the product last year to make the creatures more visible and to prevent car accidents.

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