Jay Leno finds no detail neglected on Icon's Derelict 1948 Buick Super

Jonathan Ward seems to have one of the greatest jobs in the world. As the CEO at Icon, he's in charge of not only the company's fantastic trucks but its Derelict series of semi-restored classics, as well. Ward's vehicles are no strangers to Jay Leno's Garage, but the latest guest on the show might be one of Icon's coolest yet. What looks like a 1948 Buick Super Convertible on the outside hides the supercharged heart of a Corvette ZR1 underneath.

Like the rest of the Derelict series, this old Buick's toasted paint and pitted chrome are all part of the charm of the car, and it's really a case of beauty being more than skin deep. The Super rides on a custom chassis and suspension to make the convertible a far better driver than even a pristine original example. Plus, Ward hides all sorts of modern upgrades inside that are practically invisible until he points them out.

Leno absolutely falls in love with driving the Derelict Buick. If his enthusiasm grabs you, the video below from Ward goes much deeper into the build process of this awesome project.

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