Judging by the number of videos that have appeared in the past couple of months, owners of the new P85D version of the Tesla Model S – the alphanumeric tag decodes as performance, 85 kilowatt-hours, dual motor, meaning it has all-wheel drive – would seem to have an affinity for pitting their battery-powered vehicles against all comers. We've seen the electric sedan take on a Dodge Challenger Hellcat, a Ferrari 458 Italia, and even itself.

Now, though, a video has made its way to the internet that features the Californian car taking on a horse of a completely different color: a Lynx Boondocker. As you might have guessed from the screen shot above, that is, indeed, a snowmobile, and the contest does, in fact, take place on a frozen, snow-covered lake.

With 160 horsepower available from its 800 cc 2-stroke Rotax engine and a contact patch of approximately 7 square feet, one might give the sled a bit of an edge. Sure, the Tesla has 691 horsepower and enough torque to move the mountain to Mohammed, but it has to translate that force through non-studded Nokian tires. Luckily, it has a secret weapon – ice-defying traction control.

You have to go to klikk.no to see the footage and the outcome for yourself, but rest assured, if equipped with snow tires, your dual-motor Model S can probably make it up icy hills that leave others stranded. For proof, check out the video below of a P85D sauntering up an incline, passing stopped vehicles along the way.

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