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How does Tesla Model S P85D acceleration compare in Sport vs. Insane mode?

Drag Times has gone and measured the Tesla Model S P85D against... itself. The electric, all-wheel-drive sedan has two modes, Sport and Insane, so Drag Times found a lonely stretch of road, lashed up a Vbox and compared the acceleration in each mode.

The results were everything we've been promised: 3.17 seconds from 0 to 60 miles per hour in Insane mode, 4.04 seconds in Sport. That compares to 5.2 seconds for the non-Performance version of the dual-motor Model S, the 85D, but it's not like it's really fair: the P85D has 691 horsepower and 864 pound-feet of torque. That's the insane part.

We're looking forward to January 18th, when they're going to drag-race 12 Model S' against each other and various exotics at Palm Beach International Raceway. Meanwhile, you can check out the Drag Times acceleration runs in the video above.

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