New Jersey State Senate Commerce Committee votes to allow sales

Tesla, State Slowly Coming To Terms On Direct EV Sales

Tesla has had an uphill battle fighting to once again be able to sell its all-electric vehicles directly to customers in New Jersey. The company got a step closer this week after the state Senate Commerce Committee passed the bill that the Assembly last June, A3216. The next step is a vote in the state Senate and then it moves to Governor Chris Christie's desk. James Chen, Tesla's vice president of regulatory affairs, told the Asbury Park Press, "This is good for New Jersey. This is good for America."

For a while, the sales were legal. But then state lawmakers voted for a ban on Tesla sales in New Jersey in 2014, which allowed Christie to give the company a bit of a reprieve by extending the time when sales were permitted. The ban still went into effect last April, and that prompted Nissan to take a swipe at the situation (quickly retracted). Tesla fought back against the ban and was rewarded by that Assembly vote last June and now the Senate Committee vote. Tesla currently has four locations in New Jersey, things like galleries and service stations, as well as three Supercharger stations.

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