Earlier this month, McLaren promised it would bring the production-ready P1 GTR track special to the Geneva Motor Show this coming March, and within days we started hearing rumors that it was preparing to give the 650S a similar treatment. Now Woking has released this teaser image that appears to show just such a creation.

Based on the existing 650S (which itself is a further evolution of the MP4-12C that put McLaren Automotive back on the map) the new track version is tipped to be called either the 650 GTR (like its big brother) or the 675 LT – the number indicating a 25-horsepower spike in output and the letters standing for Long Tail in reference to the similarly extended F1 GTR that conquered Le Mans in the 1990s. Look closely at the camo in the second teaser shot and that racer is exactly what you'll see is making up the pattern – specifically the #41 Gulf/Davidoff example, if our eyes do not deceive us.

The previous 12C bred a track version called the Can-Am edition as well as the less extreme 12C GT Sprint. The latter has already been replaced by the 650S Sprint, but as we projected back in April, the Can-Am was ripe for a successor as well. Just what name and form it takes – and whether it will be bound exclusively to the circuit or certified for the road – we'll be finding out within the next month or two, so watch this space.

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